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About the Founder
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Visual Imagery / Guided imagery / Vsualisation is a therapy that is being used all over the world, since time immemorial, for various benefits on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and material levels.

Spiritually speaking we have two levels of mind, the sub-conscious and the physical. In the material world we mostly use our selfish, assertive, analytical and logical physical mind that is always busy contemplating the greed of the physical body.

We hardly ever use our imaginative, intuitive and selfless sub-conscious mind that is truthful and listens to the need of our soul. In fact an average an average human being only uses 1% to 2% of his sub-conscious mind. Hence, if we visualize our desires properly then the subconscious mind has the power to create that reality for us.

Visualisation is basically ‘mental imagery’ that aids the natural healing process of the body as well as creates a positive thought response  by creating a mental image of a desired outcome and repeatedly playing that image in the mind.

It is used for many different reasons, such as visualising yourself free of a disease and for imagining success, prosperity, vibrant health etc. 

 Visualisation works on the principle of “MIND OVER MATTER”, which means that our thoughts can control the happenings in and around us. Our mind is like a magnet and has the power to attract all those things that are conceived in it with a focused intent.

This phenomenon is popularly called “The Law of Attraction” by many authors and therapists.
The therapy encourages one to concentrate and focus on overcoming a fear or phobia, achieving insights about an emotional anxiety or concentrating on a specific goal, curing a disease or a chronic ailment that is not responding to other forms of treatment. The therapy is a boon for enhancing the skills of artists, athletes and sports players.

Visualisation techniques are also used for relief from stress and pain, allergies, immune system deficiencies, cancer, backache and heart disorders. Through imagination we can boost up our motivation and personal development too very effectively.

Furthermore, the effect of breathing and relaxation exercises is enhanced manifold by the use of visualisation. Resistance to illness and immunity of the body can also be increased by the correct use of this magnetic therapy which has no side effects.

Visualisation is a very powerful and convenient method that can be used for just about everything, from becoming disease free to whatever one wants to achieve in life. This therapy is strongly recommended for attaining peace, tranquility, relaxation, focus, procuring better job opportunities, making the career successful, attracting love, becoming happier, stronger, more balanced, sane etc.


Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect. Visualisation is basically imagining and training the mind to manifest different kind of goals. Visualisation involves three steps:

  • Setting  a goal
  • Learning to relax
  • Visualising a successful outcome

Sub-conscious mind works according to the patterns given by the conscious or physical mind. Sub-conscious mind doesn’t argue but accepts suggestions as they are. So it is important to develop good constructive thoughts by being spiritual and having strong faith in God.  

When we use affirmations along with visualisation, the message goes to the subconscious mind which in turn conveys to the super-conscious or the universe and the person can achieve whatever he wants to.
Some positive affirmations which are extremely successful:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Goal accomplishment.
  • Elimination of stress.
  • Wealth and success.
  • Self-discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Health and healing.
  • Psychic ability.
  • Enhance concentration, memory and creativity.
  • Develop personality, charisma and Brain Power.
  • Overcome addictions.
  • Attain inner peace, bliss and happiness.
  • Curing insomnia.
  • Guilt release.
  • Contentment and satisfaction.
  • Forgive and forget attitude.
  • Overcome fear, phobias, worry and anger.
  • Relationship improvement.
  • Emotional detachment.
  • Male and female sexuality etc.


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