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About the Founder
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A beautiful LIFE BEYOND LIFE awaits one and all at the INNER CIRCLE FOUNDATION. Be your own testimony and experience the INNER CIRCLE to believe the incredible pleasures of life and transform your lives from nothing to something to everything.

However, some of the comments and experiences of various people are being illustrated here for your awareness and inspiration.

Bhai, I have to tell you something that's happening with me. Earlier, when I visited bhai's home, a lot of problems vanished. Then, when bhai spoke to me, a lot of my problems vanished with bhai's speech. And now, even as I tell bhai, any problem, before bhai speaks with me or I visit your home, the problem vanishes. Then I feel perplexed of what to do....I promise to see you, set up day and time, but then my problem vanishes. And I don't visit you. Phir bhai gets annoyed. Ab kya karoon ?? My problem, that I told you is now looking solved.

Paaji, I think U have got Ur calling & there will be no looking back for u now. I wish I knew my actual Birth Date, so that U could have changed my No.'s too……Madan Jain.

Paaji I am feeling very good after meeting U…… Sumeet Saigal

MasterLok offers a stunning amount of energy by REIKI. This renewed and enhanced my mental and physical capabilities to undergo the stresses which I was going through during my MD exams as I was forgetting many things even after my best efforts. Reiki given by him enlarged my thoughts and I became fearless to face the stress. This positive energy got embedded into my consciousness and has made me confident even for the future. This has released the bundle of nerves within me and has given me a clear picture. I am very much grateful to him…. Dr. Ashwani Kumar Bhardwaj.

Thank you Sir for giving me number 36. It has actually changed my life…… Sreesanth

It was my privilege & pleasure taking to U. Ur advice based on Numerology certainly brought the much needed ‘Punch’ to my boy. S. Sreesanth who recently became only the 2nd player from our state to play for Team India. What would have been a disappointing tour to Pakistan (in spite of bowling well), turned into a memorable one. I place on record my sincere thanks for your advice. I sincerely wish and pray that your blessings will always be with the boy… Thanks you again and wish you the very best in life… warm regards………… P. Sivakumar,, FICWA, FCS, Company Secretary in Practice, Cochin.

After meeting you in the morning, yesterday night was the first night I slept properly after 30 yrs. You really have charisma Sir, thank you very much…….. Rupa

Pain…….which pain? It’s all gone; my back is absolutely fine now. In fact, I was flying in the air for half an hour after you gave me Reiki. You were going to start Reiki after coming back from Vashno Devi but Jijaji see Mata has blessed you by giving you a chance to start Reiki here at Katra only & I am lucky to be the first person in your life to receive Reiki…….. Puvun Bhatia.

Jijaji it was a miracle that I saw with my own eyes for the first time in my life. As soon as you placed your hands on Khushu’s eye brows, the blood stopped immediately. In fact, I saw the liquid blood turning into a clot.        JAI MATA DI. Reiki is great…….. Babita Bhatia

Kamal Hogaya, Kahan to mein itni zor se girne ke bad ye soch raha tha ki main Mata ke darshan ke liye 12 km pahar ke upar charke kase jaunga & see here we have come back also & I didn’t feel any pain and fatigue at all. Reiki is really wonderful. Thank U Jiju………… Puvun Bhatia

It is really amazing Sir that the chronic illness of my brain is getting cured by sighing and vibrating the name that you have given me. Please continue to shower your blessings on me Sir……..  Rupa

I just don’t believe it that you can dissect my personality inside out so perfectly through numerology without actually knowing anything about me. It’s amazing…… Ajeeth Kumar

You will not believe it Lokdeepak ji but I saw you yesterday night in my dream before even meeting you today for the first time. You were giving me Prasad in my hands. I am really happy to meet you & everything you told me is 100% correct……. Uday Tarra.

When I met u for the first time I though U were God sent. Then U treated me, I saw Ur strength. U gave me reasons to live. When U helped Dolla, U touched d chore of my heart. When U gave Anjan Reiki, U made me feel that I am not alone today. U cured Polo in front of  my eyes, there was only one part of my heart free to love somebody & today U are in it. From today onwards U and Ur family are till I die for ever my family & as God as my witness U will never lack anything in life. I can see Gods touch through U…..forever till death does us apart……. R.C.

After meeting you I have understood the true meaning and purpose of my life. I have got all the answers that I needed to know about myself. Now even if I have to leave this world I have no problem…… Raman Deep

Veerji TUSI GREAT HO, I never believed in these things but after meeting you I realized that such things do exist because each & everything you told me is absolutely correct… AMAZING ……Baba Sehgal

Sir you have special knowledge that is why I come to you, otherwise there are many future tellers who want to meet me but I don’t even take their phone calls…………… H.R.

Sir, this science of numerology is amazing.  Please take out time out for my son also in one of these days.………. Col Repswal.

Your predictions are AMAZING……Thank you……it’s my luck & destiny to have met you…. Your CONCERN & SUCH GOOD WISHES are overwhelming……even the closest people don’t have the time & patience………….. Kamia Mulhotra

You are a wonderful nice teacher. Thank U Master for your kind advice & wisdom. God is great………Love U MASTER really I mean it, together we will reach Gods destiny…….Gije

Sir why is it that after I SMS you my problems go away……Naveeta Singh

Mission accomplished… Passed. Thanks to you & Reiki for blessing me throughout ………     Dr. Ashwani Kumar.Bharadwaj

I am thousand times better. Just got up, having my tea & writing to you as I know you’ll be worried. G.B.U………..Razia

Master I m feeling more confident after the name change. Especially now even more as I have got a very nice serial of Balaji for Back Ground music… thank you Master… your  numerology is amazing… ….. Ambresh Shroff.

I don’t have words to thank U for guiding and blessing my son Ambresh. He has got a new life after the spellings change in his name. He is concentrating more on his work and wasting very little time now. .. Thank u for your blessings…. Shobhna.

You made me realize about my leadership potential. Earlier I was escaping away from Journalism. Now I want to be the change I want to see……… Naveeta Singh

Thank u for being my friend & my greatest well wisher………Geeta Rani

Love U Master. I simply love you, your prayer matters a lot…….it’s working………Good news soon……..Gije

Oh! God u r great, u can make me laugh, u always say keep smiling & I always keep laughing. God bless u a million times. After meeting u I know what laughter is…………… Razia

I know uncle that I didn’t get good marks, but I took it into my stride very easily as U had already told me last year that this year is going to be a bad year for me in all ways and that’s the way it is happening. Exactly the way U had said but I promise that I will work hard this time and since you are saying that my next year is going to be good, I am sure I will excel as your predictions never go wrong…. Benati Patheja.

Not only feeling better but like Tarzan of Delilah……….Razia

It will be hard for anybody to believe but there definitely was an evil spirit in the house as the bedroom door opened itself, not ones but twice at mid-night while we were sleeping in our house in Mumbai. I knew very well how tight my door was and it was extremely difficult to open it with full force also. So the question of its opening all by itself did not arise at all. Then I woke up my elder daughter & told her that the closed door had opened suddenly twice. My fear was further strengthened when my daughter told me that while washing her face in the wash basin, she had also felt that there was someone standing behind her but she had ignored it as a figment of her imagination. But now there was no further proof needed to realize as to what was happening and a chill of fright went down my spine. Immediately I switched on the lights & kept chanting Hanuman Chalisa the whole night with the lights on.
In the morning I called up my husband, MASTERLOK and asked him whether he had protected the house with Reiki before going to Delhi?  He replied that he could not do so as he was in a hurry to reach the airport. Immediately I knew that whatever happened in the night was quite possible because our house was not protected, so some evil spirit must have entered our house from the Peepal tree that was just across the window.
Then I narrated the whole horrifying incident to Masterlok and he protected the house with divine Reiki from Delhi only. After the protection such an incident never happened again as I made sure that Masterlok always protected the house from all sides before going out of Mumbai. .. Reiki is really amazing and that’s why Masterlok says, “Reiki is God’s blessing in the purest form”…………Tanishaa Bakshi

THANK U VERY MUCH, if I didn’t  have U I don’t know what I would do, U know at times after my late night prayers or early morning prayers I think how Holy spirit works & knows one to link to another. It is amazing, today I know why he has given me the Holy Ghost so that I can genuinely cry on his shoulder & the Holy Ghost will come to my aid at any time or any where & for everything. Today I can say I don’t miss my mother. I am afraid as I lost my mother at a young age, I only hope & pray that u don’t leave me & go to Himalayas-the next day I will die. G.B.U……………Razia Sakeena Tapia

I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards you. I was so confused for the last few months wondering about my existence, my destiny. You have bought so much clarity. Thanks a lot……..Naveeta Singh

Deepakji your line of the week is very nice. Thanks for your promptness………..Soni Sinha

You are GREAT. A big hug……Thank u for being my support. No words to express. I am so happy to have u and Tanishaa with me. Love & good wishes always……….I venerate u for giving me a new daughter………..U R a person of devotion………Geeta Rani

Who all hurt your soul will suffer……...Gije

Because of your blessings started with a small role. Thank you Sir, lots of regards……… Nneha Bhardwaj

U R super, bas that’s it. Everything seems so easy now. Ur prediction is 100% correct ……………Kamia

I clearly know what my faults are & why my nature is like this. Thank U bhaiya for taking me into my past-life. This session will really help me to correct my short-comings………Rajan Mohan Bakshi

After past-life regression Rajan has been having sound sleep every night. The night mares have totally disappeared. It’s an amazing therapy……..Vinay Kumar Bakshi (Rajan’s father)

Whatever we witnessed during Rajan’s Past-life session is truly unbelievable. We have never witnessed anything like this ever before. It was as if we were viewing a two & a half hour feature film………Neelam, Tanvi & Vinay Bakshi

Sir every time I meet you I am energized & my mental toughness grows…………… Naveeta Singh

Everything U predicted has come true. I have understood what I have to do now as I have   become wise after meeting U…….Nneha

Now I know the reason of my sufferings. Earlier I didn’t know why this was happening to me. After the past life therapy I feel more confident and better equipped to face the world I don’t have words to express my gratitude towards you………Priyanka Shree

It was simply unbelievable. I could see three of my previous births in one session of Past life regression. I not only got an insight as to why my relationship with my daughter is like this but I also got the answers to three more problems of mine which I never shared with you also :         1. I now know why I can’t put water on my face with closed eyes. 2. I realize fully well now why I am afraid of heights & 3. The reason of my chronic Asthama…..  This therapy is really eye opening. In fact it is too good and you are Superb Master ….. Geeta Rani Patheja

I was pretty lost and confuse in life regarding my career. Then I meet you through Ambrish and it was quiet a transforming experience for me. My negativity decreased drastically and I became very optimistic. I got a lot of positive energy from you and your guidance has opened new avenues and ideas in my mind. I have become stronger decisively and by will too. I can’t thank you enough. I express my gratitude Masterlok for helping me out.  Regards….. Pankaj Barua.

Whatever Ambresh is today is because of your help, guidance and blessings. Thank you …thank you very much….. Mr, C.B. Shroff

Master it’s really surprising that after U enhanced the energy of my room with Pyra-Vaastu, everything has started going right for me in full speed. In less than two month’s I have got my life’s biggest project till date. Thank U sooooo much J……. Ambresh Shroff.

Paaji everything you predict about me year wise since the time you have started numerology is absolutely correct. Whether it is personal or professional, you never go wrong. Your world is final for me in every respect…. Sumeet Saigal.

It has been my privilege to undergo regression given by Master Lok which is etched in my memory as one of the unforgettable event in my life. It was a celestial experience, which rooted out the deeply buried negative emotions and unidentified stresses in me. The impact of the session is incalculable.
I am deeply thankful to him… Dr. Aunjnna Bhatia Bhardwaj.

Baauji maza aa gaya, I never thought we would get such a judgment. We were expecting some respite in the order hut here to whole case has turned in our favor. Thank you Baauji…. You and your Reiki are just miraculous….. Jatendra Palsingh Virk

I am amazed that U have so much knowledge. I would like to talk to you more often. By talking to U only I am feeling so positive……Sheetal

Before meeting U I thought it would all be Mumbo - jumbo as back home in London we don’t believe in these things. ..But it’s nothing like that. It’s pure calculation. In fact I am stunned as to how you can be so accurate about me in every respect. I am amazed… Gurtaj Singh Bhad.

I now Priyankaa Shri Aroraa, a 26 years old was struggling through my life since 2001 i.e almost 10 years as I used to have frequent falls.
Earlier I was absolutely normal, enjoying my life thoroughly just as a little bird enjoys her freedom and independence.
But as it is well known said that we all have to face the result of our sins of our previous birth, similarly for me the time came in 2006 when I had my first fracture on my ankle due to an accident and got some gait problem due to some nerve compression.
That was another set back for my life as I started facing difficulties in some areas like uneven surfaces, stairs. But that’s also fine I didn’t complaint much about it to God and was thankful to him for giving me a great willpower to handle it.
But……. I thought this was not enough for me; god wanted me to face some more challenges of life. Once again in 2009 I got fracture again on the same ankle and my gait of walking further deteriorated and my lower back nerve compression also enhanced.
Now, I developed a scare of going out alone and lost my confidence. It felt as if that bird is captured in a cage and all independence was lost due to my fear. Till then I was bravely fighting with all the problems but after the situation when I started becoming dependent on others I lost my faith in God and life. I often felt it’s easier to commit suicide and relieve yourself rather than carrying your life further on the shoulder of others.
I often used to ask god, what is the reason that you are punishing me so hard?
I had often heard God helped those who helped themselves but in my life I felt that if you try to help yourself, he will keep on testing you.
Luckily, may be god got some pity on me and in December 2010 I met Masterlok who changed my name to Priyankaa Shri Aroraa to make it numerological compatible with my stars and did my past life regression therapy twice.
He appeared to me as a messenger of God as after my dedicated therapy done by him I got to know the reason of my nerve compression which again boosted my will power and build up the confidence in me that whatever God is doing is right.
Now I am not facing the question Why Me????.... As I had got my answer, it again gave the hope to that bird that even though you are in a cage that cage is not locked.
I am very grateful to MASTERLOK for giving a new direction to my life by boosting in confidence in me and now I have no regret with my life as everything happens for a reason…….Priyankaa Shree Aroraa.


To thank you in terms of money is too small for me,
To thank you in terms of prayers is too small for you,
But to extend heartiest thanks to the enlightened soul is possible,
Thanks for giving life to my soul,
Thanks for understanding my feelings, emotions which were embedded in me.
May God give you strength to further enhance my thanks,
May in coming time I write more thanks to you … Raman Deep.


A person who truly
believed in me,
& showed me d path
That I couldn't see..
Who guided me
At every step,
& held me strong
whenever I wept ..
Who stayed with me
In my darkest nights,
& helped me win
Those crucial fights ..
He's a pearl in the ocean
A man that walks tall,
Having the strongest shoulders
Rising higher from every fall ..
Someone that makes me feel
So close to God,
Imagining my life without him
Would be completely odd..
He's a constitution of principles
& mighty strong at will,
Having an Aura so inspiring
Like a temple on the hill ..
If life manifested without you
I'd choose not living it rather,
Just wanna say with all my heart
I'm grateful to have you as my Godfather … Ambresh Shroff





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