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About the Founder
Founder ICF
About the Founder
1. Spiritual Enlightenment
2. Soul Healing
3. Advanced Numerology
4. Reiki
5. Meditation
6. Sub-Conscious Affirmations
7. Karmic-Debt Regression
8. Color Therapy
9. Auto Writing
10. Pyra - Vaastu
11. Crystal Therapy
12. Aura
13. Mudras
14. Acupressure
15. Dowsing
16. Chakra Healing
17. Magnet Therapy
18. Crystal Ball Gazing
19. Visual Imagery
20. Music Therapy
21. Mantra Healing
22. Kundalini Awakening

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Life is a game of numbers, either play with them or they will play with U.


The true meaning of love can only be understood if we stop loving ourselves.


Goals have become the prime focus of all human beings but very few comprehend that the ball is with God only.


Throughout life we keep running here & there in search of happiness without realizing that it resides within us only.


The concept of life has been distorted so badly by the scientific world that people are just living mechanically without any emotions.


We become Rich in the true sense only if we help the Poor whole heartily.


We can become one with GOD only when we Generate love, Organize our mind & Destroy our ego.


The color of our health is directly proportional to the quality of our thoughts.


Harmony between the conscious & the subconscious is necessary for a vibrant life.


When the time is bad people worship even stones as Gods, but when the time turns good, the same people conveniently forget Gods as stones.


Science is below the mind & Para-science is above the mind.


The purpose of human life is defeated when Spirituality takes a back seat & we keep running after the Material gains only.


The height of ignorance is that people spend millions to design clothes from the most expensive designers for their perishable physical bodies, but don’t want to spend even one penny to cover their immortal souls with spirituality through even the most inexpensive spiritual master.


The known is limited & the unknown is unlimited.


People who snatch from others can never be happy but people who share with others can never be unhappy.


Our present state is the sum total of the karmas of our past lives.


The greatest miracle of God is Man & Man keeps searching for miracles elsewhere.


The real thrill of life actually starts when we begin to explore the unknown.


Positive energy in and around us is the key to a vibrant life.


Aura is the reflection of our actual physical, mental, emotional & spiritual condition.


Destiny can never be changed, but it can definitely be redefined.


Man has the power to heal as well as peel himself.


Pendulum is the voice of our intuition


The melody of our life depends on the harmony of our seven chakras.


As everything in this universe vibrates, magnetism has the power to govern the macrocosm as well as the microcosm.


Every thought is a Cause & every condition is an Effect.


Crystal gazing is a mystifying proficiency through which the hidden answers of the visible world are revealed by the invisible world


Mind is a like a magnet and has the power to attract anything it imagines with intent.


When the Kundalini awakens, the soul merges with the source; self is realized, worldly desires cease & eternal bliss prevails.


Music is the light of life.


Mantra is the gateway to enlightenment & liberation.


The moment we understand the true meaning of life, the definitions of God and Prayer change.


Actual independence begins when we are no more a slave of our five senses i.e. lust, greed, attachment, ego & anger.


True friendship is gasping for breath now-a-days as people want to befriend only those, from whom they can benefit in one way or the other.


On the day our ego dies, we are truly born.


When we have nothing, there is no fear but the moment we start possessing, fear starts creeping into our lives.


We are all gods in the making, provided we rise above the vice of our senses and inculcate in ourselves virtues like love, compassion, forgiveness & sacrifice.


In their pursuit to rise higher & higher in life, people are falling lower & lower.


Our poor nation bleeds as our esteemed politicians and the Govt. officials shamelessly peep, beep & sleep.


The sixth sense comes into being only when we are able to free ourselves from the clutches of our five physical senses.


God has blessed us with everything that we need, but unfortunately it’s our greed that makes us bleed.


Everyone is in a tearing hurry all the time without realizing that all of us have to reach the same dead end one day… So slow down your speed & enjoy every moment of your life thoroughly, otherwise there won’t be any time left to repent also.


When U have everything & nothing affects U and when U have nothing & still everything doesn’t affect U, then U are truly happy.


In prayers U seek God, but in meditation God seeks U.


If we befriend our sorrows, all our pains will become our pals automatically and we will experience everlasting happiness.


Love is the strongest emotion as it has the power to thrill as well as kill.


The light is within us only; we just have to ignite it with the spark of our sub-conscious and the right path will illuminate instantly.


Spirituality is the essence of life & Para-science its fragrance.


Ambition is our best friend & Over-ambition is our worst enemy.


Materialism is the cause of all pain & Spirituality is the cause of all gain.


One humble sorry can help us evade hundreds of sorrows.


Life is very short if we are rich, but is very long if we are poor.


Success is not the barometer of the knowledge a person has, but it definitely indicates how lucky the person is.


Materialism is the superficial outer circle & Spirituality is the genuine inner circle of life.


Patience and contentment is the recipe for a life free from corruption.


If we learn from the advice & experience of elders, we can pass the exam of our life with distinction.


The day we decide to become selfless, all problems will cease to exist.


Human life is not about physical gratification but about spiritual enlightenment  the earlier we realize this fact the better it is, otherwise every second is being wasted.


In the quest to realize our dreams, we keep drifting away from the realities of life and by the time we realize this, the realities turn into a dream. 


Since the time currency has turned red, people are just after each other’s blood.


The small things in life, which we normally overlook, have the potential for maximum happiness.


All the problems in our personal and professional life are because of the perspective. Only if we could understand the viewpoint of others, peace would prevail all around.


He who has hope can climb the ladder of success without a rope.


It’s not about knowing to learn but about learning to know.


The day we embrace Spirituality, all the pains, frustrations, confusions and tensions cease to exist.


Life is not an instrument for playing but a song for singing.


God can surely visit us but for that we have to turn ourselves morally into a pious Temple.


Anything that makes us weak physically, mentally or spiritually is a lie but anything that makes us feel strong on these levels is the truth.


We should not be unhappy by contemplating about what we don’t have but should learn to be happy with whatever we have.


The present is the best present we can present our future to make our future a beautiful present.


Manipulations, corruption, frauds, back stabbing, lies and deceiving others is all it takes to make it big now-a-days.


Short cut always leads to short circuit.


Though we wake up every day in the morning yet it’s only when we get enlightened about the real meaning & purpose of our life that we truly awake.


If hard work was the key to success, then all the keys of the flats in the buildings would belong to the workers who made them.


Ambition is our best friend but over-ambition is our worst enemy.


A spiritual person is always rich because he loves to share all the wealth of his knowledge with everyone but a material person is always poor as he hates to share even a small portion of his wealth with anyone.


Man is a circle of finite circumference with a fixed centre but God is a circle of infinite circumference with no fixed centre.


Positive energy in and around us is the key to health, wealth and prosperity.


Success is not the barometer of knowledge a person has but is definitely a meter of good fortune.


A person who believes in giving is always satisfied but a person who believes in taking is never satisfied.


If people knew God’s address, there would be no development at all in this world, as people would just be queuing outside his abode with a begging bowl in their hands.


The people whom you love the most are the ones whom you can hate the most.


The water that flows is pure & the person who prays is sure.


Dreams can only come true if we wake up and start working towards them   otherwise they can turn into nightmares.


The meaning of life is to have a meaningful life.


Happiness is not a fruit of success but a seed for success.


The people are always worried about the society but the society is never worried about its people.


Science is below the mind & Para-science is above the mind.


Failures are the roots of a successful tree that bears fruits.


Love is life but life is not all love; it’s a combination of misery, pain, struggle, joys, sorrows, ups & downs.


Life is a spiritual journey & not a physical destination.


Materialism is for the body, Religion is for the mind, Spirituality is for the soul and soul is immortal, decide what is important?


It’s so surprising that people learn all bad things effortlessly but require an extra effort to learn even one good thing.


Healer is the most powerful physician because he doesn’t use any medicines & cures solely with the power of his psyche.


If a person doesn’t have patience, one day he surely becomes a patient.


History confirms that the world only remembers the selfless spiritual masters and conveniently forgets the selfish material monsters.


Materialism always starts on an optimistic note but ends invariably on a pessimistic note, but Spirituality starts invariably on a pessimistic note but ends always on an optimistic note.


People who succeed in their life never worry about the reactions of others but just worry about their own actions.

Worry is a poison that slowly & steadily buries a person.


Selflessness is the seed whose tree definately bears the fruits of happiness.


The irony of Mother India is that her own sons are ruining her honor.


If all our prayers were to be answered, the theory of Karma would become a big question.


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