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About the Founder
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Predictions 2017



The Sanskrit word ‘Vaastu’ means a structure, site, ground, building, dwelling, working place, factory, habitation, farmhouse or house. The term ‘Shastra’ can be interpreted as science, doctrine or teaching.  So Vaastu Shastra is a practical science of harmonizing the subtle energies of the universe, ‘Vaastu’ and the man himself. It’s is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments. Vaastu Shastra is a ‘Vedanga’; a branch of ‘Sthapatya Veda’ which in turn is a part of ‘Yajur Veda’

According to Vedas our whole manifestation is finely knit with the five basic elements. These elements, earth, water, air, fire and space, called the ‘Pancha maha bhoota’, play a vital role in Vaastu also. There is an imperceptible relation between all the five elements. Vaastu Shastra combines all the five elements of the nature to harmonize them with the person and the structure to create positive energy field for a pleasant living or working, thereby facilitating spiritual well-being and enhancing health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

If the structure is not built in accordance to the Vaastu principles, the energy in the structure becomes negative and the people living or working in such a place face several problems and tensions related to health, finance, relationships etc. To avoid these sufferings, one must dwell in a structure, which is built in accordance with the principles of Vaastu so that the energy in the place is positive and one can enjoy a vibrant life.



When the principles of Vaastu were written, the living conditions were totally different from the present time. There was no scarcity of land and people used to select a piece of land to build an independent house according to Vaastu Principles.
But today when the land is so costly and scarce, it is practically impossible for a normal person to construct an independent house or office.

Hence, most of the places bought now-a-days are readymade and are not in agreement to the Vaastu Laws. Moreover, it is also not possible to carry out structural changes or renovations because of several factors like time, money, building byelaws, rented accommodation, layout compulsions and many other practical inconveniences.

Then what is the solution?



Pyramid is a Greek word that is made up of two words – ‘Pyra’ and ‘Mid’. The meaning of ‘Pyra’ is fire and ‘Mid’ means center i.e. ‘Fire in the center’. Since time immemorial, it has been established without doubt that the pyramid is a microprocessor of cosmic energy. Energies of the environment enter the pyramid from various sides and interact inside to generate positive energy.

Kept in a negative environment, the Pyramid converts the negative energy into positive. This is in accordance with the Einstein’s LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY, which states that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed but one form of energy can be changed to another”.

Experiments and testimonials confirm changes in the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals after exposure to pyramid vibrations. There is a noticeable difference in the size and quality of the aura, before and after exposure to a pyramid.

Most ancient civilizations were aware of the benefits and healing power of pyramids. Pyramids have been found in Egypt, Mexico, South America, China, Siberia, Central America, Cambodia, Africa, France, England and USA.

In India, pyramidal shapes were combined with domes in the architecture of most of the religions. The main Idols in the temples are placed under pyramid shaped rooftops to generate positive energy in the atmosphere.



Pyra- Vaastu is a powerful technique or system of balancing energy where the mind, body, spirit and environment are harmonized and Vaastu defects are rectified without physically altering the home or workplace by placing pre-programmed Pyramids (Pyramid Yantras) at appropriate locations for health, happiness and prosperity.

Pyra-Vaastu is based on the essence of Vedic Principals of subtle energy and the laws of the universe, where we utilize our own energy to achieve a harmonious environment. As the mind has an incredible inbuilt power, the subtle energy level correction is more powerful than that can be attained by the material or physical means.

The other important factor in Pyra-Vaastu is the concept of Time and Space. The significance of doing an appropriate thing at an appropriate time is a well known fact. Scientifically speaking, every change in this universe occurs due to rearrangement of sub-atomic particles, for which space is required. Once space is bound, it works on two levels-independently, within the boundary and in harmony with outer space. The Pyramid Yantra derives its power from the permutation and combination of such spaces.



The Pyramid Yantra is a miniature version of a pyramid. It can be a single pyramid or a multiple of nine pyramids arranged either horizontally or vertically.

Though natural stone is the best material for making Pyramid Yantras, but it is very difficult to carve perfect miniscule pyramids with it. Hence, neutron polymer is used to make Pyramid Yantras. The color of the Yantra is usually white so that it can absorb energies of all the colors of the spectrum for optimum results.

Pyramid Yantras also help in balancing and harmonizing the 'Fa' (father, masculine) and 'Maa' (mother, feminine) energies of the entire place by increasing the negative ions in the environment to balance the positive ions, thus revitalizing the air.



Today, when time and money are of great essence, we can energize our home, office, factory, farm house etc. with positive energy by placing pre-programmed Pyramids (Pyramid Yantras) at appropriate places.

Thus in the minimum possible cost, shortest possible time span and without any demolitions or renovations, we can make our surroundings positive to live a stress free, happy and healthy life.


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