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Karmic-Debt Regression, which is popularly known as Past Life Regression, dates back to the 4th century BC when Patanjali, the ancient Indian philosopher of yoga, instructed how past lives could be recalled through meditation to decipher one’s karmic debts .

Thereafter, it made a comeback in modern times by the early 20th century with a French Hypnotist Colonel Albert de Rochas. However, Dick Sutphen, an American past life therapist, popularized its therapeutic use in the 60’s. Raymond Moody, the author of ‘Life After Life’ which detailed near-death experiences, also contributed to past life regression therapy through his book ‘Coming Back’, in which he re-lived nine of his past lives.

Past life therapy today has received world-wide recognition through the efforts of a famous South Florida Psychiatrist and Professor Dr. Brian Weiss, who has done several thousand cases of regression and has also written many bestselling books on this therapy like ‘Many Lives Many Masters’, ‘Through Time Into Healing’, ‘Same Soul Many Bodies’, ‘Only Love Is Real’ etc.

Though most of the therapists call it as Past-Ife regression but I prefer calling it as Karmic-Debt Regression therapy as Vedic wisdom advocates that life is a Karmic journey in which we have to repay the sins committed in the Past births. The graver the sins in the past births, the severer the repercussions one has to face on the emotional, mental and physical level in the present birth.

Karmic-Debt Regression/Past Life Regression/ PLR / hypnotic regression is the psychological act of going back in time by utilizing the person’s immortal sub-conscious mind, which is a store house of all the past Karmas. The Karmas that could probably be the root cause of the present ailment are thus retrieved, analyzed and discussed to provide relief to the person concerned.

Age Regression refers to going back in time to events that transpired in our present life and the term Karmic-Debt/Past life regression refers to going back in time to events and experiences from prior life times. A state of medium or deep trance, also referred as hypnosis, allows the mind to short circuit conscious barriers to explore this information from the sub-conscious by calming the physical mind.

Since it is the sub-conscious where the illness of any kind originates, it is the sub-conscious that has the means to cure it. Physical and psychological symptoms can instantly disappear as a result of Karmic- Debt Therapy, even without the use of medicines. Since the soul and the sub-conscious are joined for eternity, the cure lies in the simple act of remembering and re-experiencing the initial trauma. The deep scars of the soul are healed when the person acquires an understanding of the karmas that are responsible for its cause.

Karmic-Debt / Past life memories are accessed and described by the person in one of the two patterns. The first pattern is called the CLASSICAL PATTERN, in which the person enters a life time and is able to ascertain complete details from the birth or childhood to death along with the life’s review, in which the lessons of the lifetime are discussed between the person’s higher wisdom and spiritual guides.

The second pattern is called the KEY MOMENT FLOW PATTERN, in which the sub-conscious knits together the most relevant key moments from various lifetimes that will best explain the hidden trauma and most quickly cure the person. However, the key moment pattern tends to provide less justification to the person, than does the classical pattern as the spotlight is on the core issue and not on details.

Karmic-Debt Regression is predominantly effective in treating diseases such as allergies, headaches (especially migraines), back problems, chronic pain, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, hyperactivity and insomnia. Even depression, frustration, suicidal tendencies, fears, phobias, addictions, child abuse, multiple personalities, schizophrenia and sometimes cancer can also be cured effectively with this therapy.

Karmic-Debt Regression also resolves deep, underlying emotional and relationship karmas. It also helps reverse certain physical tendencies and behaviors, which are otherwise incurable. In Karmic-Debt therapy, as the mind heals the body, the body can also heal the mind. Healing actually takes place when a harmonious relationship is developed between the sub-conscious (soul) and the Conscious (physical) minds.

Karmic-Debt Regression is a life changing therapy that helps a person to develop a positive attitude and renewed outlook towards life thus making him a stronger person. Through this therapy, people can comprehend their past Karmas and ease emotional, mental and physical problems, become more hopeful and independent, feel better, think better, perform better and live more joyously.

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