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About the Founder
Founder ICF
About the Founder
1. Spiritual Enlightenment
2. Soul Healing
3. Advanced Numerology
4. Reiki
5. Meditation
6. Sub-Conscious Affirmations
7. Karmic-Debt Regression
8. Color Therapy
9. Auto Writing
10. Pyra - Vaastu
11. Crystal Therapy
12. Aura
13. Mudras
14. Acupressure
15. Dowsing
16. Chakra Healing
17. Magnet Therapy
18. Crystal Ball Gazing
19. Visual Imagery
20. Music Therapy
21. Mantra Healing
22. Kundalini Awakening

Predictions 2017
Predictions 2017
Masterlok, the founder of Inner Circle Foundation, is an ace Advanced Numerologist, Reiki Grandmaster and a Master of 22 Para-sciences that include Past- Life Regression, Pyra-Vaastu, Dowsing, Meditation, Visual Imagery, Chakra Healing, Aura & Color Therapy
  1. Spiritual Enlightenment 12. Aura
  2. Soul Healing 13. Mudras
  3. Advanced Numerology 14. Acupressure
  4. Reiki 15. Dowsing
  5. Meditation 16. Chakra Healing
  6. Sub-Conscious Affirmations 17. Magnet Therapy
  7. Karmic-Debt Regression 18. Crystal Ball Gazing
  8. Color Therapy 19. Visual Imagery
  9. Auto Writing 20. Music Therapy
  10. Pyra - Vaastu 21. Mantra Healing
  11. Crystal Therapy 22. Kundalini Awakening


The book is available on-line on amazon, flipcart, ebay, shopclues & bluerose. The official book trailer can be viewed on the following link

About hundred and fifty messages from the protagonist to the author, with actual date and time, have also been shared in this book. These messages will authenticate the power of Para-Sciences and inspire the readers to comprehend the benefits of healing and meditation. Moreover, the readers who might never be able to experience divinity in this birth can actually have a strong feel of God and its divine light and how a person metamorphoses from the material to spiritual reality. The book also has fifteen annexures, which will enlighten people in brief, about some extremely effective Para-Sciences like Advanced Numerology, Reiki, Dowsing, Sub-Conscious Affirmations, Soul Healing, Karmic-Debt Regression, Visual Imagery, Meditation, Akashic Records, Inner Child Healing, Chakra Balancing, Colour, Music, Mantra and Crystal Therapy. Kindly use the same font and color, that you have already used in my website, for all the additions that are being sent to you. Please do it as soon as possible as the book might be on stores from 15th october.



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