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Music therapy is a technique that involves using music to enhance health.  Music affects a person psychologically as well as physiologically. Though music therapy is used to promote mental and emotional health, studies prove that music also helps to improve the quality of life of the people who are coping with physical health problems by making the immune system stronger. Research shows that people do not need to have any special musical ability to benefit from music therapy. Music is used widely the world over, for healing and conserving energy in one’s body, mind and spirit.

Music Therapy can be classified into two distinct forms. One is the Passive form that gives significance to listening and the other is the Active form in which participation of the patients in the music therapy sessions is involved. The passive form of music therapy is useful in almost all the ailments as the main form of treatment or as a complementary therapy.

The Passive form is very effective for healing ailments like Blood Pressure, Body Pain, Migraine, Rheumatics, Stress, Strain, Anger, Depression, Heart ailments, Sleepless and for positive approaches to Marital harmony, Personality development, Cancer Counseling, Weight loss, Diabetes, Stress Management, Medical Professionals, IT People Children, Teenagers, Police Personals, Legal fraternity, Sports Persons, Senior Citizens etc.

The active mode of music therapy is very useful in Pediatric and Neurological problems. In the Pediatric areas it helps to reduce the hyper activity in a child, assists in increasing the concentration, imagination and projecting the ideas. Enhances fluency in speech, expression and improves the verbal memory.

Many of the behavior problems in children, developmental delays and other problematic behaviors are also addressed through the active mode. In the neurological areas, both the receptive and expressive aphasia may get the necessary stimulation, required to bring back the needed communication in patients.

Music Therapy is holistic and is also very helpful in balancing the Chakras. Once the chakra is balanced, the corresponding endocrine gland and hence the ailing organ or body part is also cured. As each Chakra vibrates to a certain frequency, it can be influenced by the same frequency of color and musical note.

It has been proved by the Pythagorean theory of Color and Music that there are comparable vibrational frequencies between the seven spectrum colors and the seven note scale both within the whole tones and half tones.

1. Red (Root chakra) vibrates to middle C.                                                                                        
2. Orange (Sacral chakra) vibrates to D.                                                                                      
3. Yellow (Solar chakra) vibrates to E.                                                                                                     
4. Green (Heart chakra) vibrates to F [half step].                                                                                   
5. Blue (Throat chakra) vibrates to G.                                                                                                     
6. Indigo (Third-eye chakra) vibrates to A.                                                                                                
7. Violet (Crown chakra) vibrates to B1.

Color and Music may definitely be used for healing separately but since SOUND IS AUDIBLE COLOR & COLOR IS VISIBLE SOUND, if the two are used together the vibrational energy increases manifold and brings about more healing to the person being healed.

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