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About the Founder
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To understand Meditation, Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy, one has to know the inner working of the human mind.

Scientifically our mind is made up of four different levels of activity. These levels are known as beta, alpha, theta and delta. However, spiritually speaking our mind can be divided into two distinct dimensions, the Outer and the Inner.
The Outer or the Physical mind corresponds to the CONSCIOUS or the awakened state. We function at this level for approximately sixteen hours a day.

Scientifically this level or state is known as beta. The main purpose of this level is to regulate our body functions and deal with our conscious thoughts.

Spiritually, the outer, physical or superficial mind is earthbound and depends entirely on the physical world. It is temporary and limited in its understanding. It is usually anxious, unstable, fickle, mostly selfish, seldom truthful, gives up easily, looks for an easy way out, tries to justify wrong thoughts and actions, gives into temptations, makes one weak for materialistic things, argues and needs proof for everything and doubts even Gods existence.

The Inner or the higher mind corresponds to the SUB-CONSCIOUS state. The sub-conscious mind is not limited by our imposed boundaries of time, space or logic. It can remember anything from any time. It has the capability to explore the wisdom far beyond our normal capabilities.

Scientifically this level or state is known as alpha. Examples of the activity on alpha level are meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback, daydreaming, crossing over into natural sleep and awakening.

Spiritually, the Inner or the higher self is connected to the spirit world and depends entirely on the spiritual world. It is eternal and infinite in its understanding. It is always calm, truthful, firm, selfless, endeavors until the right action is taken, provides inner strength, helps to overcome temptations, controls senses and believes in Gods existence.

Scientifically there is a third term called UNCONCIOUS mind, which means unawake and unaware. The levels of mental activity in this state are theta and delta. Theta, the 3rd level of mental activity corresponds to the unconscious mind that functions in light sleep.

The last level delta corresponds to deep sleep. At this level, the unconscious mind is obtaining the greatest amount of rest. Suggestions will not be heard at this level. This level lasts approximately 30-40 minutes each night.

When we sleep at night we go from beta (full consciousness) to alpha (natural hypnosis) to theta (light sleep) to delta (deep sleep) to theta (light sleep) to alpha and again to beta and the cycle repeats itself every night.

A normal CONSCIOUS human mind has fifty to sixty thousand thoughts every day. Most of these thoughts are unwanted and useless and serve no purpose at all. These thoughts are basically the creation of the outer or physical mind which keeps contemplating unrelentingly about the desires of the physical world. Attachment, greed, lust, anger and pride are the weaknesses of the physical mind and it usually keeps entangled in these vices throughout life.

All these thoughts lead to no healthy gain in life but invariably lead to frustration, tension, misery, pain and disease.  One needs to get rid of these intoxicating thoughts to enjoy a healthy, stress free and vibrant life. The most effective way of emptying the mind of these thoughts is Meditation.




MEDITATION has many definitions but it essentially means focusing the mind on a single point, sound, word, thought or image to make it thought free or blocking the mind of all thoughts and going into emptiness (shunya).  Meditation is a self-induced state of rest and relaxation without sleep, during which one gets cut off from the outside world and explores the world with in. Spiritually it means focusing on the sub-conscious mind by putting aside the physical mind.

The primary purpose of meditation is inner peace and balance but if needed then through concentrated effort we can also develop the ability to access the deepest, most hidden influences on our mind, body and soul, whether they come from past, future or present lives. The lessons of each will be clear when we enter them.

The concept of reincarnation is a known phenomenon in Hinduism and many other religions of the world. The teachings of Bhagwat Gita clearly state that the SOUL is immortal and is born again and again to purify itself. The same teachings were advocated by the Greek philosopher, mathematician and numerologist Pythagoras in 6th century B.C. The things that happened in the past births exist in memories of one’s sub-conscious and need a bit of digging to come to the surface. So, if one is suffering in this life due to the deeds of the past, then one can do good deeds in this lifetime to reduce the ill effect of past KARMAS in the present and future lives. 

Science, however, does not believe in the concept of God, Karma, Rebirth, Soul and its connection with the Sub-Conscious. This does not imply that these divine entities don’t exist but it only means that the knowledge of science is limited as it is just a few hundred years old and still has not probed enough to discover the answers for super natural phenomena’s.  The Vedic texts of Hinduism are approximately five thousand years old and their unlimited knowledge directly descends from God. Moreover the concept of God and Para-sciences is above the mind and science is below the mind.

Ironically, by thinking of nothing i.e. by meditating, we are totally at peace with ourselves and free to remember even our past lives if we want to. Since the soul and sub-conscious are joined together for eternity, the memories of past help us locate the origins of our sufferings. Once we realize that our fears and ailments come from another time zone, we are relieved and are able to overcome our anxieties, phobias and diseases.

We must remember that since the sub-conscious is where illness of any kind originates, it is the sub-conscious that has the power to overcome it. Conventional health treatment has unfortunately ignored this fact and that’s why despite the best of the efforts, disease is not being conquered in the most effective manner.

Meditation is a potent tool that facilitates us to recuperate and maintain vibrant health by stimulating the dormant healing powers of our mind. Meditation is holistic and heals us on the mental, physical and emotional levels. Meditation provides comprehensive benefits to those who practice it regularly. Some of the benefits that are of utmost importance in this fast-paced world are listed below:

  1. Release of physical tension
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Clarity of thought
  4. Control over frustration and anger
  5. Better decisions
  6. Stress free life
  7. Control over mood swings
  8. Stability in blood pressure
  9. Normalizing the pulse
  10. Centering the self
  11. Relaxation in breathing
  12. Strengthening of patience etc.

Note: We can regress ourselves into our past lives while meditating and the Kundalini can also be awakened through meditation with proper training and intent.               
‘Yoga’ means connection of self with the universe and in Rajyog meditation the soul is connected to the super soul and eternal bliss is attained. Rajyog meditation requires intense resolve, concentration and continuous practice. Through the practice of Rajyog meditation, the soul becomes one with the source (Super-Soul) and experiences extreme joy and everlasting peace prevails all around.

This is a higher form of meditation meant for advanced practitioners and can be learnt through an enlightened and experienced Master only.


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