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About the Founder
Founder ICF
About the Founder
1. Spiritual Enlightenment
2. Soul Healing
3. Advanced Numerology
4. Reiki
5. Meditation
6. Sub-Conscious Affirmations
7. Karmic-Debt Regression
8. Color Therapy
9. Auto Writing
10. Pyra - Vaastu
11. Crystal Therapy
12. Aura
13. Mudras
14. Acupressure
15. Dowsing
16. Chakra Healing
17. Magnet Therapy
18. Crystal Ball Gazing
19. Visual Imagery
20. Music Therapy
21. Mantra Healing
22. Kundalini Awakening

Predictions 2017
Predictions 2017
Masterlok, the founder of Inner Circle Foundation, is an ace Advanced Numerologist, Reiki Grandmaster and a Master of 22 Para-sciences that include Past- Life Regression, Pyra-Vaastu, Dowsing, Meditation, Visual Imagery, Chakra Healing, Aura & Color Therapy



Masterlok was a pretty successful media person and has made hundreds of films for N.F.D.C. UNICEF, U.S. Aid, Films Division and various Ministries of the Govt. of India. He has also written and directed many T.V. serials for renowned and super successful film producers like UTV, Prakash Mehra, Pahalaj Nihalani and Sudhaker Bokade.

After dabbling in the material world for the first half of his life, Masterlok understood the futility of it all. Though life is beautiful but people make it extremely ugly, as most of them are selfish, greedy, liars, corrupt, violent, manipulators, back-stabbers and stoop to any level to achieve their ulterior motives. Humility, brotherhood, goodness, courtesy, etiquettes, forgiveness, compassion, sacrifice and truth are becoming alien day by day.

Moreover the targets and problems in the material world are never ending. Tension, anger and frustration rule the human mind with no respite. Everyone is running day & night without actually knowing where & why. Human values are totally being ignored and people just want to snatch power, position& money at any cost. The scenario is really alarming.

Masterlok was feeling extremely sad, uncomfortable and suffocated in this atmosphere.

As the Programming Head and Director of Asia’s first satellite channel of Health and Para-sciences (CARE TV now CARE WORLD), Masterlok came in contact with hundreds of renowned Therapists & Masters who shared their vast knowledge and experiences with him in order to make the best of the programs.

Masterlok got fascinated by the vast knowledge & utility of these Para-sciences and decided to open his own channel on Para-sciences and went to seek the blessings of Mata Vaishno Devi before launching it. While coming back from the shrine, Masterlok saw a streak of mesmerizing white light entering his head and reverberated in his thoughts “Your name is not Deepak but Lok Deepak…. no channel business….practice what you’ve learnt and enlighten the ignorant ones”.

This spiritual experience was a kind of awakening, rebirth and a defining moment in the life of Masterlok. Initially he didn’t understand what it was all about and how he could enlighten people, as he had learnt only film-making throughout his life. But on deep contemplation, he realized that while interacting with hundreds of Therapists and Masters of Para-sciences, he had imbibed tons of knowledge, which he couldn’t have possibly grasped in several births also if he had studied each subject on his own.

Masterlok was further motivated when his mother, an eminent astrologer and educationist, told him that this was definitely a super-natural experience because in his horoscope the name alphabet on which his name should have been kept was ‘Lo’ only, as he was born in the 4th Charan of Bharni Nakshatra. This was a sure-shot proof that it was a divine calling and strengthened Masterlok’s resolve to change tracks in life.

Masterlok then embarked upon his Spiritual journey and started with Advanced Numerology. In the absence of a Guru he made a book “Secrets of Numerology by Dr. Ravindra Kumar”, his Guru and in just three days gulped all the 222 pages of that excellent book. It was the same book, of which earlier, he never understood a single page also. This was nothing short of a miracle.

In the next few months Masterlok was instrumental in redefining the destiny of several people who are celebrities today (names of the celebrities are not being given as Masterlok doesn’t want to cash in on cheap publicity and fame through their names). Several people also got healed and cured when their names or alphabets in the names were changed.

Swami Ishwaranand, a Reiki grandmaster of repute, made Masterlok realize about the healing potential he was conserving and offered him his guidance to become a Reiki Grandmaster. After becoming a Reiki Grand master, Masterlok again went to seek the blessings of Mata Vaishno Devi before starting his practice in the field of Reiki.

Here again two miracles took place in which Masterlok’s brother-in-law and his son got healed immediately after getting badly hurt in two separate accidents in Katra (Jammu). Their pain and blood stopped instantly as soon as Masterlok put his hands on their ailing body parts to give Reiki for the first time in his life. Masterlok now fully understood the power of divine Reiki and also the meaning and purpose of his life.

Henceforth, the spiritual journey continued and today Masterlok practices and advocates around twenty two Para-sciences that include Reiki, Pyra-Vaastu, Dowsing, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Visual Imagery, Soul healing, Past Life Regression, Color , Mudra, Chakra and Mudra Therapy.

Simultaneously Masterlok studied the essence of Vedas, Upnishads, Vedanta, Geeta, Bible, Quran, Buddhism, Swami Vivekananda, Kabir, Laws of the Spirit World, Chanakya and hundreds of other spiritual books written by world renowned authors. He comprehended the core meaning of these pious scriptures, which all teach one common thing that “Love is supreme and being good& doing good is the ultimate purpose of Life".

Masterlok then launched the INNER CIRCLE FOUNDATION, a holistic healing temple of Para-sciences, to share the knowledge he had been bestowed upon, to guide, awaken and enlighten people, so that they can comprehend the real reason of their birth and actual purpose of life to live a meaningful, stress free, peaceful and vibrant life embedded with virtues.

Masterlok is highly inspired by the life and works of Greek philosopher, mathematician and father of Advanced Numerology – Pythagoras, Reiki’s Great Grandmaster - Mikao Usai and the greatest spiritual master ever born - Buddha. Masterlok feels that he has got some karmic connection with these divine souls and always looks up to them for guidance and blessings.


I am sincerely thankful to my dear friends Col. Sushil Kumaar Sharma, Madan Jain, Sumeet Saigal, Ajeet Guptaa, Sangeet Chopra, Amit Singh, Jatendra Palsingh Virk, Razia Sakeena Tapia, Ajeeth Kumar, Geetaa Rani Patheeja & Kamia Mulhotra for encouraging and supporting me whole heartily in my spiritual journey.

I am also thankful to all my detractors who cheated, deceived and misunderstood me as they helped me to learn my lessons and nullify my bad karma from the past lives.

And last but not the least – I am highly indebted to my parents, who taught me the best lessons of my life, which till date no other parents in this world would have taught their son. I am extremely thankful to them for their blessings. May god bless them and give them a very long life to enjoy the fruits of the seed they have sown.


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