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About the Founder
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Predictions 2017



Crystal Ball Gazing or Scrying is a form of divination achieved through trance induction by means of gazing at a crystal ball. The Reader can perceive the visuals in the crystal ball, both physical and ethereal. Many people see visions, some see symbols, colors or shapes that they interpret according to their intuition and experiences. Others, in fact see images or events unfolding as though watching a film.

When two persons gaze into the crystal ball simultaneously, they can see different images depending on their physic powers. Crystal gazing is used for a variety of purposes, like predicting future events, character analyses or to help a person make choices about current situations, finding missing people, energy healing and protection.

Selecting a crystal ball can be an extremely interesting experience. Crystals are receivers, amplifiers and transmitters of energy. Crystals boost one’s energy and enable him to communicate with spirits or other paranormal entities. Cost and size should never be the criteria to choose a crystal ball. One should only select the crystal ball that attracts him the most.

The shape and size of the crystal does not matter, it is the Reader or Gazer’s Physic power that ultimately is of consequence. But one fact cannot be denied, that larger the crystal ball, the stronger the energy that it releases and clearer the images. The most commonly used crystal for scrying is the clear quartz crystal but other stones including black or other dark obsidian can also be used.

The process of learning Crystal gazing is not easy and it requires diligence and dedication.
Though some highly evolved people are able to Scry as soon as they began, yet most of them take many weeks or even months of regular practice before getting fruitful results.

It is always advisable to program and cleanse the crystal ball before using it for the first time and then after every session one must clean it again. Clearing the crystal ball is more about removing influences and negative energies (if any) from the previous sitting than about cleaning the crystal itself.

Before starting the scrying session one should always encircle oneself and the questioner with candle lights and invoke one’s angels or guardian spirits for protection and request the negative energies or evil spirits to keep away. One should then relax with deep breaths and connect to ones higher self or spirit source for guidance and divination.

While gazing at the crystal ball, one might easily see comprehendible images but one may see clouds or colors or symbols.  There is actually no uniform system for interpreting the meaning of symbols and colored clouds. Though all depends on one’s own thinking, intuition, experience and psychic abilities, yet some of the interpretations are given below:

  • Blue clouds could signify success in work related fields.                                                  
  • Gold clouds are a sign of romance, wealth and prosperity.
  • Gray/Dark gray clouds may symbolize bad fortune.                                                                
  • Black clouds denote some serious trouble in store.                                                                         
  • Green clouds imply health, happiness.  
  • Orange clouds can mean concealed anger, resentment or disturbed feelings.                                   
  • Red clouds indicate danger in the offing.  
  • Silver clouds show unfortunate times followed by good times.
  • White clouds convey pretty good fortune approaching. 
  • Yellow clouds represent upcoming hurdles.


1. Although one can learn scrying on one’s own but it is advised to learn this art under expert guidance of a Master for SAFETY and PROTECTION.                                                                     
2. NEVER leave your crystal ball where sunlight will hit it. A crystal ball acts like a magnifying glass and can cause a fire.
3. Always wrap the crystal ball in a black cloth when not using it as nacked crystal can catch negative energies and magnify them manifold.

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