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About the Founder
Founder ICF
About the Founder
1. Spiritual Enlightenment
2. Soul Healing
3. Advanced Numerology
4. Reiki
5. Meditation
6. Sub-Conscious Affirmations
7. Karmic-Debt Regression
8. Color Therapy
9. Auto Writing
10. Pyra - Vaastu
11. Crystal Therapy
12. Aura
13. Mudras
14. Acupressure
15. Dowsing
16. Chakra Healing
17. Magnet Therapy
18. Crystal Ball Gazing
19. Visual Imagery
20. Music Therapy
21. Mantra Healing
22. Kundalini Awakening

Predictions 2017
Predictions 2017


“The gift given to one who does nothing in return – knowing it to be a duty to give in a proper place and to a worthy person – that gift is held to be SATTVIKA.
And, that gift which is given with a view to receiving something in return, or looking for a reward, or reluctantly, is held to be RAJASA.
The gift that is given at a wrong place and time, to unworthy persons, without respect or with insult, is declared to be TAMASA” . . . BHAGVAD GITA (17:20-22)

Please send your Contributions / Donations to: Inner Circle Foundation
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Bank of India, Mayapuri Industrial Area, SME Branch, 20-22, Community Centre,
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Inner Circle Foundation is a charitable holistic healing temple of Spirituality & Para-Sciences. We are conducting Life Changing Enlightening Workshops regularly in India's most high security prison, Tihar, New Delhi. These workshops are being conducted free of cost to reform the prisoners by re-orienting their thinking so that they can be rehabilitated into the main stream.




Ideally, we would like to offer free advice and services to everyone but factually speaking, it is practically impossible for any spiritual, religious or charity organization to run and grow without contributions and donations. However, if someone is GENUINELY suffering financially, he is most welcome to join the workshops conducted by the foundation free of cost or contribute whatever his pocket allows.

Depending on the Subject/Therapy of the workshop, a contribution of rupees five to ten thousand is expected from each member for a workshop of two days. (A minimum of ten members shall be required to conduct a workshop). However, if the workshop is for more days, the contributions shall increase on pro-rata basis.

One motivational spiritual discourse will be offered complimentary to all the members in each workshop for enlightenment and stress-free living by MASTERLOK.



Corporates interested in the holistic health of their employees can contribute to the foundation to conduct workshops in their office premises or outdoor Resorts/ Retreats on monthly, yearly or workshop basis. Corporates can also donate or contribute under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so that the foundation is able to conduct more free workshops and provide services to the people in need.



The foundation offers Character Building workshops by Masterlok for Schools, Colleges & Institutes. The managements interested in availing these workshops can contact Inner Circle Foundation so that they can contribute genuinely towards holistic development of their Students.



Masterlok, the founder of Inner Circle Foundation, is an ace Advanced Numerologist, Reiki Grandmaster and a Master of 22 Para-sciences that include Past-Life Regression, Pyra-Vaastu, Dowsing, Meditation, Visual imagery, Chakra, Aura & Color Therapy. People all over the world consult Masterlok for guidance, spiritual wisdom & enlightenment.

Individual consultations are available on any of the 22 Para-sciences from Masterlok with prior appointment. However patience will be solicited because of the busy schedule of Masterlok.



Masterlok plans to build Ashrams all over to enlighten and spread awareness about the benefits of Spirituality and holistic Para-sciences so that maximum people can comprehend the true meaning & purpose of life to live a stress-free, vibrant and virtuous life.

Masterlok strongly believes in the philosophy of 'practice before you preach'. So he has contributed everything he had to bring Inner Circle Foundation to the present level. He has set the ball rolling; now it's your turn to score the goals.

For this donations are solicited from all those who can afford it so that the Foundation can provide free guidance and services to all those who are less privileged.




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