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About the Founder
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Colors are the gift of nature and influence our lives in numerous ways. The solar light that we receive is broken up into seven main color rays and is then distributed to our physical and subtle bodies. Colors being the property of light of various wavelengths/frequencies affect all living cells and their different frequencies have a reflective and healing affect on the human body.

If there is an imbalance of colors in our subtle energy field, it reflects on our body as mental or physical illness. Chromo-Therapy or Color Therapy is a technique that uses colors to modify or keep the vibrations of our subtle bodies in proper balance to bring about harmony on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 


Chromo-Therapy is a Para-science that has been used by many races since centuries as colors are believed to have amazing healing powers.

In ancient India, Sages and Seers discovered how the unique frequency of each color could help heal ailments and this knowledge is codified in the Atharva Veda as Surya Kiran Chikitsa i.e. healing through the sun's rays.
The ancient Egyptians used specially built solarium rooms with colored glasses of various colors. The sun would shine through the colored glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits. Colored silk clothes of various colors were also used to filter varying shades of light onto the bodies for healing.

There is also an evidence of people using water and gel of different colors to achieve similar results.


Our bodies are surrounded by a subtle energy field or body called Aura. There are many layers within the Aura and each one has a distinct function. The layer of the energy field that processes and stores information as color is known as the Astral body. It is our body of light and is a data base of colored impressions that are linked with our thoughts, emotions, physical condition, life situations and sensory experiences.

Most people don’t see the astral colors but a few are born with this ability and develop it further with intent and concentration. Now-a-days Aura can also be seen easily with the help of Kirlian photography.  The aura or astral body is an egg shaped cloud of colors seen emanating from the body at different intensities depending on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual condition/level of the person.

The condition of a person in turn depends on the state of the seven subtle energy bodies called the Chakras. Symbolically, the seven colors of the rainbow are associated with the Seven Chakras of our body. The first chakra (Root) is related to the color red, the second (Sacral) to orange, the third (Solar) to yellow, the fourth (Heart) to green, the fifth (Throat) to blue, the sixth (Third-eye) to indigo and the seventh (Crown) to violet color. Each chakra, in its turn, is related to a specific gland which in turn controls different organs and systems of the body. Hence, by using a proper color, ailments can be healed holistically.    



Each color has well defined properties relating to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of the person. Colors can be stimulating or demoralizing, constructive or destructive, attractive or repelling. In Chromo-Therapy, the focus is on chakras that display irregular deviation of energy to re-establish the energy balance. To accomplish this, corresponding color is concentrated on the chakra that needs to be balanced and the following results can be achieved:

Red increases alertness, self-confidence, physical strength, independence, leadership qualities, decreases lethargy, depression and helps in expressing concealed anger.

Red is helpful in curing anemia, arthritis, chronic congestion, rigidity, lack of energy, low B.P., poor circulation, chronic Sinus, disability, sluggishness, cold, paralysis, white spots and T.B.

Orange increases confidence, joy, courage, self-respect, wisdom, motivation and makes one extrovert. Relieves repressed anxieties and fears and can help in giving stability to the character. Decreases loneliness, fatigue, mental nervousness and depression.
Orange cures Anemia, Arthritis, chronic congestion, rigidity, constipation, diabetes, low B.P, mental and emotional blocks, swelling, long term asthma, bronchitis, swelling in trachea, kidney, gout, epilepsy.

Yellow increases memory, persuasive ability and charm. Decreases desire to be critical. Yellow can stimulate brain cells giving ability to study, analyze and be a thinker. Yellow brings happy sunny outlook to life and activate mental faculties.
Yellow is very useful for skin and cures all disorders of digestion, spleen, liver, diabetes, leprosy, arthritis, constipation, sinus conditions, nerves, mental retardation.

Green color brings balance, tranquility to nervous tension, healing ability to soul. Strengthens finance, luck, reduces indecisiveness and anxiety.
Green cures Heart problems, low and high B.P, skin problems, cancer, syphilis, pain in eyes, boils, ulcers, influenza, tired nerves, tension and circulatory system.(Being a combination of blue and yellow, green works on an imbalance in B.P. Yellow acts on the brain and refreshes and balances the pressure while blue brings moderation and calmness. Green can be used more safely for stimulation and greater energy than (Red/Orange)

Blue is for calmness, peace, purifying, increases tranquility and patience. Lowers negativity and stress. Lubricate joints and articulations; pain reliever, regenerator of muscle cells, nerves, skin and circulatory system.
Effective in curing all types of diseases due to excess heat in the body like problems in throat, whooping cough, fever, typhoid, small pox, measles, ulcers in mouth, cholera, swelling in the brain, problems in nerves, insomnia, mental depression, burns, bleeding from nose, bladder infections, blood clots, cancer, high B.P., internal infections, nausea, pain, pneumonia, skin eruptions, tension, and curbing hyperactivity.

Indigo increases stability, memory, rational thought and actions. Indigo is for intuition, dedication, motivation, meditation, communication with the higher realms and acts like a cleanser. Analgesic, purifier of the circulatory system; cleans the psychic currents.                       
Helpful in curing ailments of the eyes, ear, nose, sinus, throat problems, facial paralysis, diseases of lungs, asthma, T.B, problems of nervous system, convulsions, lunacy, epilepsy. Decreases B.P and impulsiveness.

Violet has very high spiritual vibration. It increases psychic ability and spirituality. Decreases aggression and cures insomnia. Relaxes the nerves and lymphatic system; heals infections and inflammations.                                                                                                                                    
Violet cures bone and bone marrow, tumor, baldness, cataract, blindness, cerebrospinal meningitis, cramps, epilepsy, feeling of unworthiness, insomnia, kidney infections, lack of motivation, mental irritation and nervous disorders.



The use of colors as a therapy is truly holistic, non invasive and very effective. The Seven Spectrum colors are used as Seven Basic Tools in Color Therapy. However, we can also blend these colors such as Turquoise (blue & green), Magenta (purple & red) and Amethyst (Coral & Peach). These blended shades can also be beneficial for various conditions and ailments. 

The colors can also resolve past KARMA. The Seven Chakras of the body are centers of different karma and the Negative Karma can be taken care of by use of proper Colors.

The application of colors for healing can be achieved through various techniques:

  • By directing color light to the body through color bulbs.
  • By exposing the affected body part to the light box with different color filters.
  • By drinking solarised water (Water kept in colored glass bottles in Sunlight).
  • By Visualizing Colors.
  • By sitting in a wooden cabin with colored glass panes (Thermolium)
  • By using Colored Gel Filters (Chromogei).
  • By placing color silks on the body.
  • By meditating with color.
  • By focusing light through crystals.
  • By directing light through colored lenses.


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