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Auto Writing / Automatic Writing / Psychography is a writing that pours out from a higher source or sub-conscious mind, without the conscious knowledge of the contents.  Spiritually speaking the divine beings like angles, guides, masters or the deceased loved ones are claimed to take control of the hand of the medium to write/draw messages, letters or symbols.

Automatic writing is an art that helps to form a communication link between the physical and the spirit world.  Auto writing can happen in a trance or awakened state. It is a kind of channeling as the Writer is just a tool that scribbles the message and is actually unaware of what is being written.

Although most writings are done with a paper and pencil, some people use Computers or Type-writers and their fingers start pressing the keys automatically to note the messages. The technique of Auto writing requires the mind to relax first comfortably and then move slowly from consciousness to a trance state.  All knowledge then pours out onto the paper, until the questions of the seeker are answered.

Automatic writing needs extreme concentration and patience.  Sometimes the personal thoughts may interfere with the information coming from the higher source. In that case it is best to turn your attention to something else, i.e. television, computer, music, reading, etc. to divert the logical left side of the brain, so that the intuitive right side can function fluently without any hindrance.

First few attempts may prove futile but persistence pays in the long run. Chances are that at first you may get a series of circles but with practice, alphabets and words, then sentences or entire paragraphs start emerging. At first the writing may seem jumbled and there may be symbols or drawings but later they will start making sense. The best way to begin is by asking "yes" or "no" questions until you become prolific with the art.  

Auto writing should never be attempted without the guidance of a proper Master as there is every possibility of coming in contact with evil spirits if one does not take proper precautions. Sometimes one may have to encounter messages that are totally undesirable. If one feels uncomfortable while receiving any kind of message, the best option is to stop the session.


Some important tips for automatic writing:

  • Choose a cool and comfortable place where no one can disturb you.
  • Put your mobile phone off and the land line off the hook.
  • Take a pencil and paper to write on or switch on your computer.
  • Type or write a clear question on the paper, the answer of which you are seeking.
  • Take a few deep breaths... and slowly close your eyes.
  • With full concentration and intent invoke the white light for protection.
  • Seek the blessings of your higher self, spirit guides, guardian angels.
  • Request answers for your question.
  • When you feel comfortable, open your eyes and write all the information that is flowing through you.
  • Do not analyze or judge while writing and let the messages gently pour on the paper.
  • Once your hand stops writing, go through the words, sentences or symbols that are formed on the paper. Initially, they may not make any sense, however with regular practice, you will surely start understanding their meaning.                                                                                                      

Automatic writing is an amazing physic tool that can help us get answers to our queries, which always keep us guessing or bothering. This therapy can be an asset in our lives if we use it for the right purpose at the right time and under the right guidance.


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