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About the Founder
Founder ICF
About the Founder
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Predictions 2017
Predictions 2017

The Scanner / Aura Video Station measures the energy body and the condition of the Chakras through bio-feedback sensors. This data is analyzed, processed and correlated with specific emotional-energetic states.

The Aura-Chakra Photo and Report gives a colorful, visual and graphical representation & a detailed report of 22 pages of the measured Aura & Chakras. The report contains the following:

  • Chakra Activity – Knowing about your Chakras will help you to determine what you should do to bring higher energy in your life to create better balance on the physiological and physical level.

  • Chakra Size & Shape – The size and shape of your Chakra helps you to comprehend whether it is balanced, under-active or over-active.

  • Aura Size – The size of your Aura specifies how much energy you radiate around you.

  • Aura-Chakra Graph - The graph indicates your Aura Chakra Balance.

  • Bio- Data Graphs Analysis – The following graphs reflect important parts of your Aura or Energy Body system so that you can harmonize your life with better understanding of yourself.
    • Ying-Yang Balance Wheel.
    • Mind-Body Spirit Graph.
    • Your Emotional Meter.
    • Your State of Mind.
    • Your Stress-Relaxation Graph.
    • Your Energy Level Graph

Benefits of Aura-Chakra Scanning & Analyzing:

  • Know yourself better in relation with others & your own self.

  • Identify your present or potential health problems.

  • You can seek advice or guidance to choose a proper therapy to overcome your problems on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels.

  • You can take precautionary measures to avoid the ailments that are going to harm you in the near future.

  • By decoding the secrets coded in your Aura you can harmonize your life on all the levels to live a stress-free and vibrant life.

  • You can convert your weaknesses into strengths & strengths into big accomplishments.

  • Since the esoteric Vedic System advocates that the imprint of our past Karmas is stored in our Chakras & Aura, hence Aura-Chakra Scanning also helps to identify & analyze the Karmic lessons one has to learn and one can then resolve past Karmas through Enlightenment, Purification, Service and/or Meditation.


Contribution for Aura-Chakra Scanning

Aura-Chakra Scanning & Analysis with full 22 page report - Rupees Five thousand only.            

Note: For better understanding and information about Aura & Chakras see CHAKRA HEALING & AURA on our site.




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