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About the Founder
Founder ICF
About the Founder
1. Spiritual Enlightenment
2. Soul Healing
3. Advanced Numerology
4. Reiki
5. Meditation
6. Sub-Conscious Affirmations
7. Karmic-Debt Regression
8. Color Therapy
9. Auto Writing
10. Pyra - Vaastu
11. Crystal Therapy
12. Aura
13. Mudras
14. Acupressure
15. Dowsing
16. Chakra Healing
17. Magnet Therapy
18. Crystal Ball Gazing
19. Visual Imagery
20. Music Therapy
21. Mantra Healing
22. Kundalini Awakening

Predictions 2017
Predictions 2017


Masterlok plans to build Ashrams all over the world to enlighten and spread awareness about the benefits of Spirituality and holistic Para-sciences so that maximum people can comprehend the true meaning & purpose of life to live a stress-free, vibrant and virtuous life.

Masterlok strongly believes in the philosophy of ‘practice before you preach’. So he has contributed everything he had to bring Inner Circle Foundation to the present level.  He has set the ball rolling, now it’s your turn to score the goals.

For this donations are solicited from all those who can afford it so that the Foundation can provide free guidance and services to all those who can’t afford it.

Remember that the purpose of life is to have a life of purpose & a truly Rich person is the one, who helps the Poor whole heartily. Hence donate generously for a divine cause and make your life worth while.




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