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About the Founder
Founder ICF
About the Founder
1. Spiritual Enlightenment
2. Soul Healing
3. Advanced Numerology
4. Reiki
5. Meditation
6. Sub-Conscious Affirmations
7. Karmic-Debt Regression
8. Color Therapy
9. Auto Writing
10. Pyra - Vaastu
11. Crystal Therapy
12. Aura
13. Mudras
14. Acupressure
15. Dowsing
16. Chakra Healing
17. Magnet Therapy
18. Crystal Ball Gazing
19. Visual Imagery
20. Music Therapy
21. Mantra Healing
22. Kundalini Awakening

Predictions 2017
Predictions 2017
Masterlok, the founder of Inner Circle Foundation, is an ace Advanced Numerologist, Reiki Grandmaster and a Master of 22 Para-sciences that include Past- Life Regression, Pyra-Vaastu, Dowsing, Meditation, Visual Imagery, Chakra Healing, Aura & Color Therapy

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Life is the most precious gift and a human being is the ultimate species created by God but unfortunately it is the only species that is born crying and dies repenting. It is so because most of us do not know the real reason of our birth and actual purpose of our life. If one wants to live a joyous and vibrant life, one has to reorient ones thinking by comprehending the true meaning and purpose of life.
SPIRITUALITY& MATERIALISM are the two circles of life corresponding to the two levels of our mind.


Materialism is the OUTER CIRCLE of life and corresponds to the outer CONSCIOUS or physical level of mind. Any one traveling in this circle is ignorantly moving in the anti-clock wise direction and gets entangled in the vicious cycle of lust, greed, anger, ego and attachment. The desires of a person in the outer circle are never ending and one keeps struggling and competing with others for more and more from the time of birth till the last breath without any respite. The atmosphere in the outer circle is hot and noisy. Anxiety, stress, tension, frustration, envy, hate, corruption, frauds, strained relationships, fear, deception, thefts, agitation, litigation, back-biting, terror, violence, murders and killings are the constant companions in this circle. The weapons of this material circle are also lethal and serve no other purpose but to destroy mankind. Moreover the growth in the outer circle of life is only outwards. One keeps drifting away from the true purpose of life and is perpetually unhappy in one form or the other till the end. The circle of materialism is illusionary and always starts on an optimistic note but ends invariably on a pessimistic note.


Spirituality is the INNER CIRCLE of life and corresponds to the inner SUB-CONSCIOUS level of mind. Any one traveling in this circle is a blessed one as he is moving fortunately in the clockwise direction. The atmosphere in Inner circle is very cool and calm. Everlasting serenity and ecstasy are the companions of a person in this circle as one learns to have a control over one’s mind and hence desires. In this circle one competes only with oneself to be the best and to do the best for others. Virtues like patience, commitment, contentment, compassion, tolerance, brotherhood, love, truth, sacrifice, trust, non-violence and forgiveness are the constructive weapons of spirituality. These weapons can serve no other purpose but to uplift and save mankind from an impending disaster. Moreover, spirituality helps the person to grow inwards so that one becomes one’s own light and connects ones spirit to the supreme spirit to attain eternal bliss. The circle of spirituality is realistic and starts invariably on a pessimistic note but ends always on an optimistic note.


Inner Circle foundation is a Holistic Healing Temple that rejuvenates the sinking Mind, Body and Soul to restore balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. ICF ignites ignorance into sense by burning the dust off the ignorant minds through its discourses and therapies so that one is able to fathom the true purpose and meaning of life. ICF enlightens and guides people from:

  • Outer most to the inner most level of life.
  • Darkness to Light.
  • Illusion to Reality.
  • Lies to Truth.
  • Destructive thinking to constructive thinking.
  • Misery, Pain and Suffering to Peace, Joy and Vibrant life.
  • Cycle of Life and Death to Eternal Bliss.

ICF makes a sincere endeavor to make people realize that they are not physical entities having a spiritual experience but spiritual entities having a physical experience, so that people curb the greed of the physical body and work towards the need of the soul for a blissful life.


  • Healing through spiritual discourses is offered at ICF so that people are able to maintain a balance between the Outer and the Inner Circle of life. (Those willing are guided to graduate to the Inner Circle of life to attain Nirvana.)
  • Divine Para-sciences like Advanced Numerology, Reiki, Pyra-Vaastu, Meditation, Soul Healing, Spiritual Enlightenment, Sub-conscious Affirmation Therapy, Past- life Regression, Visual Imagery, Acupressure are practiced and preached to the members for a Vibrant living.
  • Knowledge regarding Color, Music, Aura, Mantra, Mudra, Chakra, Magnet and Crystal Therapy is imparted so that people can dwell happily in harmony with the Universal energies to enjoy an energetic, effervescent and a healthy life.
  • Advanced disciples/students who really have the potential can also learn Auto Writing, Crystal Ball Gazing and the art of Awakening the Kundalini.
  • Aura & Chakras are scanned & analyzed digitally with the world’s most advanced and latest scanner for a healthy living.


A beautiful LIFE BEYOND LIFE awaits one and all at the INNER CIRCLE FOUNDATION. Be your own testimony and experience the INNER CIRCLE to believe the incredible pleasures of life and transform your lives from nothing to something to everything.




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